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Why Homeowners Want Energy Storage

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Many homeowners are turning to solar power for their household needs, whether it’s to cut down on utility bills, to be more environmentally friendly, or another reason – there certainly are many benefits of energy storage.

When it comes to having a solid solar power system in place it’s important to know that it takes more than just solar panels – after all, these make up just one component of a solar energy installation. Homeowners are investing heavily in solar energy storage with their solar solutions.

If you’re interested in how you can benefit from solar energy, you’ll want to know about solar energy storage, and why homeowners are wanting it with their installations, or adding it on. Our team put together the following overview – read more below!

Solar Energy Storage 

In order to make solar panels more effective and reliable, most installations include an energy storage system. Such a system is comprised of:

•  One or more rechargeable batteries,

•  An inverter, to convert AC power to DC and vice versa; and

•  A critical load subpanel to set priorities for how stored energy is used.

This system allows homeowners to make more effective use of their solar energy and provides a backup source of energy during times when the solar panels aren’t sufficient.

Reducing Energy Bills

Many utilities have moved away from a single, constant per-kWh rate for electricity in favor of a “time-of-use” (TOU) system, which raises the cost of electricity during peak hours—generally during the evening.

Most homes with solar panels aren’t completely off the grid, in order to still get power at night, but their savings are growing slimmer with the change to TOU pricing. With personal energy storage, though, batteries can charge during the day with excess solar energy or energy from the grid; they’re then tapped into at night, reducing reliance on the grid when rates go up. This offers further savings on top of that from solar power used in the daytime.

While some utilities offer net metering for solar power—meaning that excess energy can be sold back to the grid—the returns are often less than the usual rates, especially with TOU prices. In this case, saving that energy for later is more cost effective.

Improving Energy Security

A common misconception about solar energy is that it allows homes to go entirely off the grid. In practice, the costs of generating your own electricity at all times are prohibitively expensive for most homes. A second misconception is that solar energy systems cover for you in case of a blackout. However, grid-tied solar systems automatically deactivate if the grid goes down – otherwise, the system would begin sending electricity down the wire to the grid, presenting hazards for utility workers operating on the power lines.

Your home’s batteries remain functional during a blackout, though. The excess energy saved up during normal operations can then power essential utilities in the home, such as emergency lighting, refrigerators, HVAC systems and personal electronics.

Say Yes to Solar and Partner With The Best

No matter what the reason is for choosing to go solar with your home, adding energy storage to your home’s solar power installation is a smart investment, especially in areas where blackouts are a common risk. But it is even more so important to make sure you are working with the right company. 

Yes Solar Solutions is leading North Carolina in providing energy storage capabilities for homeowners across the state, and we guarantee our work.

Contact our team online, or call us directly at (919) 804-1490 for a quote and learn how we can help you, today! 

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