Why We Buy Solar

I have the coolest job in our solar company, because I get to do the Customer Care portion of the installation.  After the installation is complete, we assemble all the permits, as built design plans, warranties and operating manuals, and then I meet with the customer.  Besides reviewing all that documentation, I always ask how the customer found us, why they chose us, what we could do differently, etc.  I get to hear great things about our salespeople’s level of knowledge, our project managers’ and solar technicians professionalism and excellence of execution, how often the owner of the company picked up the phone, how we offered the right solution, how we were competitively priced, and sadly, how often other companies they contacted did not respond!

But the best one I heard was this week, when a customer told me he heard voices in his head telling him it was the right decision.  His tongue was firmly in his cheek, but I have my suspicions the voice may have been his wife’s.  Women are often the driving force behind a solar decision, whether outright or whispering while he sleeps.  Either way, a good decision.

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