Yes Announces Latest Certification

Yes! Solar Solutions was recently announced as one of only a handful of REC solar panel certified installers in North Carolina.  This certification is based on a REC training program, evidence of sound installation practices and satisfied customers.  Although we sell and install a range of solar panels based upon a customer’s goals, among them Suniva, Siliken, Mage, and Yingli, the one we most often recommend to a customer is the REC panel.  Aside from a reasonable cost, the REC panels are consistently rated highest in performance. Aside from the 25 year power output guarantee, Yes is able to offer an extended warranty on REC.  The modules also have a one year energy payback, the length of time it takes a solar panel to generate the same amount of energy used to create it.  Headquartered in Norway, REC also has four manufacturing facilities in the USA.

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