Yes Solar Solutions Partnering in 236 kW PV Installation

Talk about a win/win (win!):  Dorcas Ministries, a non-profit donation center and resale store in Cary, NC was interested in using the 50,000 square feet of roof space on their building, which also houses the Habitat Restore, to generate some income.  The new photovoltaic system would generate 239,000 kWh per year, enough electricity to power 28 homes.  The electricity would all be sold to the utility, the tax credits taken by an investor, and the investor would pay the non-profit to lease the roof space.  Argand Energy, along with a private investor, stepped in to seal the deal.  Argand and Yes will be handling the installation, and Dorcas Ministries not only will have an income stream from the arrangement, they will have the option to buy the system at the end of seven years.  It also gives the non-profit a way to give back to the community.  Yes we are proud to be part of this example of industry cooperation and its results.  Watch this spot for photos and updates of the install.

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