Yes Solar Team Spotlight


Chill and groundmount2

Yes Solar Technician Chris Hill is in the solar spotlight.  Before joining our team, he was the Field Superintendent for the renovation of the 100 year old FordyceBath House for the National Park Service in Arkansas.  He has grown up in the construction business, with extensive experience in welding, plumbing and pipe fitting.  He says he grew up playing Mario Brothers video games, in which Mario slides down a plumbing pipe and finds himself in a pipe dream.  He can’t believe he grew up to be Mario.

When he isn’t bass fishing, his favorite part of working for Yes is doing trouble-shooting for homeowners who have older solar hot water and electric systems, and figuring out what to do to fix them, just for the challenge, and because he cares.  He has been known to go to  someone’s house on a Saturday or Sunday because they had no hot water.  (Not our customers!)

Chris has an AAS in Environmental Safety and Technology and he and fiancee Lara have a “bunch of kids” and a Belgian Shepherd, named Oso.  Chris is known around here for his positive attitude and his sense of humor.  At our team meetings, we go around the room and ask everyone for an update.  Chris always says, “Nothing, really…”  and then talks for 20 minutes.  But he is funny and smart, and he thinks going green requires that everybody completes their own piece of the puzzle to be sustainable.  And he loves working for Yes because we serve brownies (and beer) at the team meeting.

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