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Duke Energy 2018 Solar Rebate: Application Recap

2018 Solar Rebate Application

2018 NC Solar RebateOn Monday, July 9th Duke Energy opened 2018 solar rebate registrations for residential, commercial and non-profit customers that have installed solar systems in 2018.  (The rebates are up to $6,000 for residents, $50,000 for commercial and $75,000 for non-profits.)  There were a lot of questions to be answered in the first half of the year, both for our customers and for us as installers.  Even though Stew Miller, Yes Solar President, (shown here ringing the opening bell) worked on a task force with Duke Energy to draft the rebate, in the interim our team exchanged countless emails with our customers and Duke Energy, attended webinars and read the fine details (multiple times), all to prepare our customers’ rebates.

Preparation for the 2018 Solar Rebate

Led by Bethany Theede, our Director of Finance and Administration, (pictured above), the F&A crew was prepared with all the information to be able to submit the rebate application quickly to secure our customers’ rebates.  We also offered our customers the option to submit the application themselves by providing them all the necessary information to go through the online process.  Months of preparation led to an entire team ready to support the initiative and resulted in the successful submission of all the applications in (what we are calling a record) 16 minutes from the opening bell!  This was no easy feat.  We pride ourselves on setting industry standards, and that tradition continued on Monday setting a new bar for customer satisfaction, with the amazing level of organization and the process developed by Bethany, Bernice, and Mary-Margaret.


And there was a high level of excitement from the rest of our team too.  Even though we have been talking about the rebate for some time, it is now officially on.  We have developed our own process to make it work for our customers and we are confident We can provide the highest level of support for the continuation of the Duke Energy Solar Rebate. We are also ready for the registration for the allotment opening up in January 2019.  Here are 3 ways you can ensure you get your 2019 solar rebatehint: choosing Yes Solar Solutions is the number one way to know you will get a quality installation, custom designed to fit your energy needs and feel assured that we have the experience to secure your rebate.

Overall, it was an exciting day, and it just adds to the general good feeling you get when you work in the solar industry.  Ultimately, it is great for the customer, and that is why we do what we do, every day.

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