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Save up to $9,000 + the 30% federal tax credit with the PowerPair program

The PowerPair program was passed by the NC Utilities Commission (NCUC) on Jan. 12, 2024. 

Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas customers who own their residence are eligible for the PowerPair rebate when installing a solar system with eligible battery storage.

Customers may initially apply for the rebate during a four-week application period from May 10th to June 7th, 2024.

PowerPair Program Details

PowerPair Incentives:

  • Solar Incentive: $.36/watt for solar panels, limited to a max installed capacity of 10kW and capped at $3,600 per residence.
  • Battery Incentive: $400/kWh for battery storage, limited to a max installed capacity of 13.5 kWh and capped at $5,400 per residence.
  • Battery Control Incentive: (An additional monetary incentive for Battery Control participants) $6.50/kW per month in exchange for a minimum of 30 ‘control events’ and a maximum of 36 by Duke (Duke controls the battery).

The proposed PowerPair incentives would cover up to $9,000 or about 13% of the installed equipment cost and the IRA tax credit would cover an additional 30%.

Program Length and Capacity:

  • Customers may initially apply for the rebate during a four-week application period from May 10th to June 7th, 2024.
  • Duke will enter the applications into a random selection process using analytical software to assign each application a place in line. Accepted applicants will be notified on June 20th, 2024.
    • Applications that do not make it within the 60,000 kW cap will be placed on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served order.
    • The program capacity of 60,000 kWs will be split equally between Cohort A (30,000 kW cap) and Cohort B (30,000 kW cap).
  • As directed in the Smart $aver Order, participants would be required to participate in the program for at least ten years or there would be an early termination charge; See Clawback Provisions.
  • Customers would be allowed to switch cohorts after the completion of 24 months in their original cohort, subject to availability.

Application Eligibility:

  • Applicant must be a Duke Energy North Carolina customer (DEC or DEP).
  • The applicant must own the premises.
  • The Duke Energy PowerPair rebate is for solar + storage projects only. (There are no “solar only” incentives through Duke Energy).
  • The application must be for a new solar system install (no solar system additions are considered).
  • Applicants cannot have reached commercial operation more than 90 days before applying and must reach commercial operation within 270 days after receiving a rebate reservation.
  • An Interconnection Approval (ICA) must be submitted before an incentive program application.
  • All program participants are required to select net energy metering (NEM), as their electric tariff.
  • The system installer must first register with Duke Energy to participate in the Program. (Yes Solar is a registered Duke installer!)
  • The max export to the grid cannot exceed 20 kW AC at any time. 
  • Internet connectivity must be maintained.
  • Only certain eligible battery types can participate.

Clawback Provisions:

Participants would be required to participate in the PowerPair program for at least ten years. Duke’s PowerPair program has the following clawback provisions as directed in the Smart $aver Order

  • Early Termination Fee: Unless termination is for good cause, such as a circumstance beyond the control of the participant, an early termination fee will be assessed to any project removed from the Program before the term and will be prorated based on the months remaining and the total incentive amount paid.
  • Inoperable equipment charge: This charge will be a monthly proration of the total incentive payment and will be assessed each month following a 90-day grace period. Systems inoperable for 12- months straight after the 90-day grace period will be removed from the Program and have the early termination fee assessed.

What are the differences between cohorts?

PowerPair cohort information

Battery Control

Battery Control offers an additional monetary incentive of $6.50/kW per month (only available for participants enrolled in the Bridge Rate cohort of the program) in exchange for providing Duke control over the battery storage for 30 to 36 ‘control events’. A ‘control event’ would last between 1-3 hours.

Duke would signal a ‘control event’ to control the battery and within 48 hours, a discharge of the battery could occur. (Duke would not discharge the battery below a 20% state of charge.)

  • Up to 18 times per winter season (December-March)

  • Up to 9 times per summer season (May-September)

  • Up to 9 times in the remaining months 

Customers can use their batteries normally outside of the ‘control event’ windows and are allowed 4 ‘Opt-out’ dates to deny Duke access to the battery. Customers may opt out more than 4 times, but run the risk of being removed from the program if so. 

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