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Commercial Solar Energy Storage

A storm. A downed power line. A blown transformer. Whatever the reason, the lights go out, and suddenly you find yourself in the dark. For businesses throughout the Southeast, it’s not a hypothetical scenario. The threat of a sudden and prolonged power outage is real. How would it affect your company to be without lights, computers, phones, registers, and other items that require power for days at a time?

Maybe it goes without saying, but having no electricity is bad for business. Not only does your company suffer from lost revenue and time, but so do the customers who depend on you.

One storage option is the Tesla Powerpack, a fully integrated, AC-connected energy storage system designed to connect to a building or utility network. This emergency backup plan provides immediate backup power to your business should power go out, and it allows business owners to be in control and have more peace of mind in the event of a grid interruption.

The Powerpack provides 50kW (AC) per pack with an energy capacity of 210 kWh (AC) per pack. This ensures you remain in business if left without grid-supplied electricity, which keeps you from losing time and money and reduces inconvenience for your customers and clients.

Yes Solar Solutions is proud to have been the first Tesla Powerwall certified installer in North Carolina. Contact us to find out more about what we can do to keep your business running when everyone else is in the dark.