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Our Process

Yes Solar Solutions has the experience and the expertise to guide your company through the process of going solar—and make that process simple. To help you evaluate your options and offer you the best recommendation, we follow these steps:

1: Assess Energy Needs

We ask questions and listen, discovering more about the energy you use now and what your energy goals (and budget) are for the future.

2: Remote Assessment

Using satellite imagery and building plans, we can estimate how much solar your buildings can use.

3: Preliminary Proposal

We offer estimates with costs and options, to see if solar is feasible for your budget.

4: Site Visit

We confirm sizing, electrical systems, and all facets of a final design.

5: Refined Proposal

Our final proposal incorporates a production estimate, cost, energy savings, tax incentives and rebates, and ROI.

6: Contract

You sign it, we sign it, and then we’re off and running!


Once you have signed a contract—we get to work. Our process is straightforward and requires very little of you. We even handle all the paperwork!


  1. Our Project Managers develop tasks and timetables
  2. With a Notice to Proceed, we agree on when to begin work
  3. Plan drawings for construction and engineering
  4. Engineering—submission to our engineers for stamping
  5. Report of Proposed Construction filed on your behalf
  6. Interconnection Request filed with utility on your behalf
  7. Permit applied for on your behalf
  8. Materials ordered and delivered
  9. Installation
  10. Meter set by utility
  11. Customer Care meeting with a review of all warranties, permits, and documentation


Transitioning to solar power is a smart move for your business and your community. We’re eager to help you get the ball rolling— call us with any questions!

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