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Duke Energy Rebate Checks Arriving

Yes Solar Solutions’ customers are starting to get their rebate checks from Duke Energy, and they are thrilled. Imagine getting a check from Duke Energy for thousands of dollars. The rebate application opened July 9, 2018, and within five weeks customers were getting their checks. As a reminder, in addition to the $6,000 Duke Energy and Duke Energy Progress residential customers can receive, our commercial solar project customers are receiving up to $50,000, and non-profit organizations up to $75,000.

More Incentives

Although the residential and commercial rebate subscriptions filled within minutes of the opening July 9 (the non-profit set aside still has availability), customers have within 90 days of a project completion to qualify for rebates in 2019. The rebates, of course, are all in addition to a federal tax credit of 30%, which is reduced to 26% at the end of 2019. So, the time is now to find a solar contractor with the expertise to get solar installed and the rebate applied for.  A contract signed today and installed between October 1 and December 31 qualifies to apply for the 2019 rebate. Yes Solar is on an industry task force that has worked with Duke Energy over the last few years forging the details of the rebate now offered to our mutual customers. Who better to trust with your solar project and rebate qualification?

More details on steps to qualify are here.  Call us at 919-459-4155 for more information. The time for NC solar is now!

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