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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Service

Tesla Charging Station, in North Carolina

Yes Solar Solutions is happy to add charging station installation to the list of services we offer you.  We have been installing charging stations for a while now. We see the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations rise.  More electric vehicles are entering the market than ever before.  With that, there is an increase in automakers commitment to hybrid and EV production.  We provide our expertise for a quick and quality charger installation to get you on the road, without the emissions.

Tesla Zero Emissions license plate.
Zero Emissions license plate on the front of a Tesla S.

Experienced EV Charging Station Installers

We have installed charging stations for many EV drivers.  We have seen a variety of EV makes and models. Tesla X and S, Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt to name a few.  Some dealerships will walk you through the process of ordering charging cables and the proper station  for your needs.  We take pride in our ability to answer your questions.  We like to learn about your charging needs and provide the best way to install your equipment.  From checking out your main panel to finding the best placement of your outlet/charger, we can help you get charged and on the road.

Many EV’s Come with Different Options for Charging

Typically, there are several options.  For example the Tesla S and X come with a 20ft mobile connector and several adapters.  Adapters allow charging with standard 120 volt household outlets, higher power 240 volt outlets, as well as adapters for public charging stations. You will need a 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet to charge with standard equipment at your home.

Tesla Charging station with Cord
Tesla Wall Connector, installed by the Yes Solar Solutions team.

We have also installed the optional charging accessories like the Tesla Wall Connector.  The Tesla Wall Connector is designed specifically for Tesla vehicles.  The wall Connector allows for the fastest possible home charging, and provides two lengths of cables (8.5′ or 24′).  It is important to recognize where your power will be coming from and how you park your car in your garage!  Don’t fret though, you already know we make solar simple, rest assured we make charging station installation simple too!

Solar, EV Charging and Battery Backup

One question that often comes up, is how to pair your EV charger with solar or battery backup, or even better solar and battery backup!  Often your questions result in a great conversation.  We can help you out.  We have put together information (including a table!) showing what size solar array you would need to offset your EV’s charging needs.  Want to talk battery backup?  We offer solutions from Tesla, Outback and Sonnen and more.  We can set up a free consultation to discuss all your needs and develop the right solution for you, just give us a call or fill out the form below.  By the way, if you just purchased an EV, congratulations!  If you are doing your research, we are here to help you too! Regardless, the fact that you are reading this, you have taken a step to help the environment by reducing emissions.  Driving your EV (especially when paired with solar and battery) is a leap towards achieving the “Power of Independence”.  We are Amp’d to help you and look forward to talking to you soon.

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