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Meet Rowan The Cat

Early January, North Carolina saw several inches of snow and single digit temperatures in the first big winter storm of the year.  On January 11, bundled up in the snow behind some equipment one of our installation technicians, Luke Wyatt, found a little kitten who needed some help.  The tiny kitten (later to be named Rowan) was very afraid, malnourished with hair matted.  By all accounts it was clear that she had been outside for several days and needed food.

A crew mate and fellow installation technician, Sean Chastain, immediately placed Rowan in a safe warm truck, and used his lunch break to find her some cat food and a litter box.  Sean ensured Rowan stayed warm in the truck where she proceeded to sleep for the rest of the day.  Sean got in touch with Calvin’s Paws Animal Rescue, and they agreed to enroll her, take care of her vaccinations and vet care.  Sean then drove to meet his wife, who then took the kitten to her friends house to be fostered.  Sean said “The entire drive she would not leave my lap, just wanted to be pet constantly and was as friendly as can be.  I think she knew we were trying to help her and just glad someone was giving her some attention.”

That night, she was given a flea bath and treatment, then days later given shots and was spayed.  She is currently happy, interacting with other cats and even gets along with Sean’s 70lb lab who recently came over to Rowan’s foster home for a visit.  According to Sean, she is “at total lap cat, loves being near people and very playful.”

At Yes Solar Solutions, we are very proud to have built a dedicated team of solar experts who are passionate about renewable energy, sustainability, (animals!) and our environment. Our solar installation technicians, our solar energy specialists, and everyone on our management team live this everyday.

Thanks Luke and Sean for your help in saving Rowan and for helping to find her a good home.  UPDATE 2/7/17:  Rowan has been adopted!.  Of course to find out more about Yes Solar Solutions or to schedule a Solar Consultation please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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