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Navigating The North Carolina Solar Market

2018 Solar Rebate

The Yes Solar Solutions crew attended a webinar, and an NCSEA meeting this past Tuesday regarding updates on the 2018 Duke NC Solar Rebate Program.  We learned more about the rebate program and the process to submit applications for your rebate.  We also learned that the rebate program for residential solar is now 80% full for 2018.  In order to apply for the rebate, Yes Solar Solutions will need to design, install and submit the project to Duke energy for interconnection within the next couple of weeks!  There are limited slots left for 2018.  Luckily, Yes Solar Solutions makes the process simple.  Still, with the 2018 rebate running out, we would need to get started right away.  Bryce Bruncati, our experienced solar Energy Specialist, can walk you through the process of getting positioned to take advantage of the rebate.  Give us a call at 919-459-4155 or fill out the form below.

A Heads Up on The North Carolina Solar Market

There has been a recent influx of solar companies coming into the NC solar market and we are very concerned with how they are marketing to NC residents and businesses.  We provided tips on how to navigate through the clutter with our Top 9 Questions to Ask a Solar Installation Company post from January.  We also have listed why it is important to support your local solar company, 4 reasons to talk to us and 6 more reasons to go solar with Yes Solar Solutions!  We have heard some concerning stories.  Solar rebate or no, YES, it is a great time to go solar, but you should feel informed, and heck, enthusiastic about going solar, not pressured.  If you are feeling the pressure from the solar market, we can talk to you about getting in on the 2019 allotment of the rebate. We are your local solar company, here to answer any questions you may have.

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