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REC Premium Solar Panels


REC Twinpeak series - premium solar panel information
REC Twinpeak Series, Premium Solar Modules give you superior performance and power genergation

Premium REC Solar Panels Give You Superior Performance and Power Generation

The REC TwinPeak Series features an innovative design for higher module efficiency and power output giving you:

  • More power for more electricity generation
  • Higher yield through improved performance in shaded conditions
  • Breakthrough technologies for increased light capture
  • Proven reliability of an established European brand
    • Inter Solar award 2015 Winner!

Four New Technologies – Setting New Standards

REC’s Polycrystalline modules, the REC TwinPeak Series, use new and unique technologies.  An innovative layout results in a high efficiency, high power output product.  With a base of 120 laser cut polysilicon cells, the REC solar panels house four different technologies.  In combination they result in an additional 12 watts of power output, and an incredible efficiency of 17%, setting new standards for polycristalline solar modules.

Utilization of Available Space – Achieving More Power

REC solar panels have more power output per square meter than standard 60-cell competition.  In areas of limited space you can fit more electricity generation capacity and maximize your available space.  These are great for rooftop installations, but will also work for ground mounted applications.

Description of Four New REC Solar Panel Technologies
Four New and Innovative Solar Panel Technologies working together for increased power output.
  • Half Cut Cells
  • Passivated Emitter Rear Cell
  • Split Junction Box
  • Four bus bars

Performance in Shaded Installations

  • Generate electricity even when partially shaded
  • Produce more energy over time from your installation
  • Modules are split into two twin sections, generating electricity independently
  • Increased overall energy yield and installation profitability

*Source REC.

The video below from REC helps explain the four new pieces of technology that help improve performance in shaded conditions, reduce the balance of system costs, improve electricity generation and achieve more output with less space.

Yes Solar Solutions is a proud installer of REC TwinPeak Series premium solar panels and we are one of only a few certified by REC.  We have years of experience installing REC Panels with hundreds of projects, and can answer any questions you have regarding REC, or any of the quality solar panels we install.  We will recommend the right fit for you and your project, we offer free site visits and solar system designs.   Contact us today at 919-459-4155 or submit the contact form below.

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