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Santee Cooper Utility Solar Rebates

Yes Solar Solutions is proud to announce it is a new Trade Ally of Santee Cooper electrical utility in South Carolina.

For those residents in the service area of the Santee Cooper utility, solar couldn’t be a sweeter deal.  Not only can home and business owners take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit and the 25% South Carolina tax credit, Santee Cooper offers its own incentives. The electric utility offers a rebate of $1.30 per watt, or $1300 per kilowatt, with a cap of $5,200.  This rebate can be applied directly to a Yes Solar Solutions invoice for the solar system.

There is also an energy credit of about 3.8 cents per kWh for any excess solar power produced that is put back on the grid and the first 500 residential rooftop customers to sign up will receive an additional 3-cents per kWh credit for excess electricity through 2018.

For more information on how to get a great deal on solar in the Myrtle Beach and Moncks Corner areas of South Carolina, visit Santee Cooper.



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