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Solar and Your Carbon Footprint

Jay on a site visit for Solar in North Carolina


Yes Solar Solutions is the leading solar installer in North Carolina, with expertise in installing high-quality solar energy systems. Our goal is to help our customers make the transition to clean, renewable energy and save money.

As the East Coast’s first NABCEP accredited solar company, Yes Solar Solutions is proud to be your partner for solar installations throughout North Carolina.  To date, we have helped 700+ Yes Solar Solutions customers save money, invest in their homes and reduce their carbon footprints.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint and the subject has never been as important as it is today. Every day we learn new details about climate change and its relationship to energy and human activity.   And every day, we must be determined to do what we can to save the planet which we share.  Yes Solar Solutions is dedicated and fully committed to changing the way we think about energy, while providing the education and resources needed to help anyone make the switch to renewable energy. Finally, solar power has become a legitimate and affordable alternative to fossil fuel-based electricity generation, an alternative that is renewable, clean, and reliable.

Carbon Offsets by The Numbers

Let’s take a 6.96 kilowatt system for example, which is an average-sized solar system for a typical single family home.  That is about 24 REC panels which generate 9,740 kWh a year.  This sized system will typically offset half of your utility bill, or half of your energy consumption.  By going solar you are directly improving the environment for your family, your neighbors and the world. Your system can reduce your carbon footprint significantly.  In the 6.96 kW system example, the offset reduction for the life of the system will yield an impact equivalent to:

Pounds of Coal Burned

Gallons of gasoline consumed

Home’s electrical use for one year

Tons of waste diverted from landfill

Tree seedlings grown for 10 YEARS

Yes Solar Walks the Walk

Solar fits into a sustainable lifestyle, that we as a company (and as people) strive for.  Our office utilizes solar energy, with a 15 kW PV system and solar hot water.  We monitor our consumption, and we have a backup battery system that powers our server.  Our offices have motion detector lights and we have solar lighting in our parking lot.  We have a company garden, we use interior windows from Habitat RE-Store and we have carpet made from recycled plastic soda bottles!  We live this everyday and look forward to helping you incorporate solar into your life.  Give us a call today at 919-459-4155 for a free site visit/consultation or fill out the form below.





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