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How Solar Energy Saves You Money from Day One

Everyone wants to save money, and most people prefer to do it without causing the detriment of someone or something else. Imagine that you could save a considerable amount of money while actually improving the state of the planet and those around you. Sound good? That’s what you get when you make the switch to using solar energy for your home or business. Solar energy (energy from the sun) is a clean, renewable energy source that has the power to help you save green while going green, and we at Yes Solar Energy have helped many satisfied home and business owners make the switch with ease.

Interested? Here are a few more money-saving reasons to go solar:

Your Electricity Bill Decreases

The average homeowner spends at least $2,000 a year on home energy costs. That’s a pretty hefty amount of money you could do much better things with. The reason why electricity is so expensive is because it’s not cheap to produce. It involves a shocking amount of fossil fuels to be burned and power to be generated, which requires a ton of resources (financial, material, labor, and otherwise). These resources all lead to fueling your city grid, and you’re paying for it. By using solar panels, you don’t have to rely on or pay for that grid anymore. Yes, the panels cost money, but the savings you gain by not having to pay a high electricity bill every month will certainly make it seem worth it, and they’ll end up paying for themselves before you know it.

You Get Tax Credits

That’s right, here’s where you can finally get a much-deserved break with your taxes. The government currently offers monetary incentives to encourage homeowners to use solar energy. This usually comes in the form of tax credits, so add this to the list of the ways your solar panels will pay for themselves over time. Tax credits are offered at both the state and federal levels, so check your state’s policies.

Your Property Value Increases

When or if you ever choose to sell your home, imagine telling an interested buyer that they don’t have to worry about electricity bills. Homeowners across the country have seen the very positive effect going solar has had on their overall property value. It’s no wonder why. Many people are waking up to the need to choose more sustainable practices, and electricity use is big offender. If you do decide to sell your home, offering both a money-saving and an environmentally friendly alternative to grid reliance is substantial incentive.

Go green to save green. Solar energy is a win-win. To learn more or get started with solar energy use, contact our Yes Solar Solutions team at (919) 459-4155 or contact us through our website.

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