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An Intentional Sustainable Community


Arcadia is an intentional sustainable community with like-minded people who believe in renewable energy. To that end, they pooled their money and bought the land for the neighborhood.  The homes were built around a community house and most are passive or active solar.  Both PV panels and solar thermal collectors are installed on the homes.  And many solar benches and a community garden surround porches, paths and gardens.  It is a great example of people dedicated to a truly sustainable (and lovely) life.

Grass Roots Solar Programs

The Solarize Carrboro program was a huge success.  Part of the success was due to the neighbor to neighbor promotion of communities like Arcadia.  The extreme pitches of the painted metal roofs posed a cost challenge for solar installations.  And because Yes Solar Solutions was able to install many solar systems in Arcadia, it was an efficient process, which resulted in savings for the homeowners.

The Solarize programs, a result of a Department of Energy Sunshot grant study, are one of the most important elements of building a sustainable community. Arcadia is living proof that they work.

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