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Mystic Farm and Distillery

Site Commissioned!  

1/2/18:  Next step site commissioning.  We are excited about helping to offset Mystic’s energy usage!

12/21:  The project is nearing completion, with panels installed we are ready for the next steps.

The week ending 12/8, the Yes Solar Solutions’ team installed seam clamps (roof attachments) and about half of the rails.  Next week beginning, 12/11, the team will complete clamp and rail installation and rooftop pre-wiring.  By mid-week  panels will be installed.  The project is on schedule.  Check below for system offsets and details about Mystic Distillery.

Durham, NC— Durham’s premier local spirits producer, Barrister & Brewer, is expanding their farm distillery, to incorporate 50 kilowatts of solar power – enough to meet the distillery’s current power needs.  The project is being supported by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America Program, also known as “REAP”. 

The solar power generation facility, located on a grain and blueberry farm covering approximately 22 acres in Durham County at 1212 North Mineral Springs Road Durham, NC 27703, will include a support structure near the distillery to support the solar panels and power conditioning equipment. Barrister & Brewer produces Durham’s own Mystic Bourbon Liqueur and Heart of Mystic Bourbon, a limited release cask strength bourbon, at the new facility. Their new Navy Strength gin – Mystic 57 – was released to wide acclaim only a few months ago.  In addition to their production equipment, the distillery also features a tasting room and event space with beer and wine available on Saturdays during tour hours and by reservation for special events.  

The facility boasts the Southeast’s highest rated distillery tours and tastings; offered on Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., and by appointment. Visitors view the farm where the corn, wheat, blueberries, buckwheat and other crops are harvested before they are made into liquor and liqueurs.  They can taste spirits at every stage of production and receive comprehensive education on the history and production process of bourbon whiskey, gin and other spirits.

“Being able to expand our bourbon production with a reduced environmental footprint is an incredible opportunity,” said co-founder Jonathan Blitz. “The critical support USDA is giving to value-added agricultural producers like us can make all the difference.” The photovoltaic solar power system will intertie with the electric grid, and is expected to meet all the electric power requirements of the current bourbon and gin production schedule.  “We will have additional space to add panels to the system in the future, and we hope to keep our electricity production matched to the demands of our process,” added Blitz.  Barrister & Brewer has chosen to partner with Yes Solar Solutions for the system installation.  The project marks Yes Solar Solutions’ first installation on a distillery in North Carolina.

Yes Solar Solutions is proud to partner with Barrister & Brewer on the first solar-powered distillery in North Carolina. The solar system will save thousands of dollars every year, and with the great solar incentives, it will pay for itself in less than three years. Since the distilling process is so energy-intensive, generating power from a renewable source onsite makes a lot of sense and fits perfectly with Mystic’s sustainability ethic. We are thrilled help them save money and the planet!” Says Director of Sales, Jay Linke. 



Equivalent Environmental Impacts Annually

  • Greenhouse gas emissions sequestered:
    • 11.4 passenger vehicles driven for one year
    • 130,057miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
    • 18.5 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled
    • 2.6 garbage trucks of waste recycled instead of landfilled
  • Co2 Emissions from:
    • 5,971 gallons of gasoline consumed
    • 58,056 pounds of coal burned
    • .702 tanker trucks worth of gasoline
    • 5.7 homes’ energy use for one year
    • 8 homes’ electricity use for one year
    • 123 barrels of oil consumed
    • 2,169 propane cylinders
  • Carbon sequestered by:
    • 1,375 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
    • 62.5 acres of U.S. forests in one year
    • .433 acres of U.S. forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year

*Statistics calculated from

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