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Rhode Residence

This homeowner in Wake Forest did everything right before considering solar as a solution. Consuming about 2900 kilowatts of electricity a month, with a cost of $330, his first step was to install an energy detective. The device helps track down sources of electricity use. After replacing light bulbs with CFL’s, unplugging unnecessary appliances, etc. he was still using 1500 kWh per month. He eventually traced most of it to a well pump that had been stuck in the “on” position since they moved in. A freezer drained another 300 kWh per month. He installed an attic fan, and insulated the attic and the crawl space.

By the time he had Yes! install his 4.8 kilowatt photovoltaic system his usage was already significantly reduced, and he now generates enough electricity for his bill to be about $30 a month.

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