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Silfab Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwalls

Amanda Robertson is an ambitious energy advocate. She installed 18.29 kilowatts of solar, consisting of 59 Silfab solar modules of 310 watts each, spread over five arrays on her beautiful home. The system uses 2 SolarEdge inverters and 59 optimizers, and qualified for the 30% federal tax credit and the maximum $6,000 Duke Energy rebate. Just to make sure of her power of independence, she also installed 2 Tesla Powerwalls, which also qualified for the 30% federal tax credit since they operate in tandem with solar.

But Amanda wasn’t satisfied to maximize her own use of renewable energy. As part of the non-profit team of NC WARN, which advocates solar as an alternative to fossil fuel dependence, she is leading the Clean Path Chatham County. She chose Yes Solar Solutions as her installer, but also has involved our company as a resource to help model how the County could plan a multi-year program to adopt clean energy for its buildings.

Clean Path Chatham is part of NC Clean Path 2025, a plan developed for NC WARN by engineer Bill Powers to help all of North Carolina get completely off fossil fuels for electricity by 2030 and halfway there by 2025, using 100% clean solar energy with battery backup. The plan to help Chatham County switch to 100% solar energy was kicked off in October 2017. The citizen volunteers share a belief that they should be in charge of their own energy future and that they value the low cost, clean air and clean water that solar energy will bring to the county and the future.

Amanda Robertson lives her beliefs and we are honored she chose Yes Solar and honored to support the Clean Path goals.

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