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Solar Trees Are Growing (and You’ve Probably Already Seen One)

Solar energy is gaining popularity across the globe as a notable form of energy that doesn’t require burning fossil fuels. Typically when the topic of solar energy comes up, most people probably picture large panels splayed across the roofs of homes and buildings, virtually only visible by aerial view. However, a new trend is emerging that takes the complete opposite route.

DSC_0299Solar trees are becoming more and more popular, with distinguished local thought leaders like NC State University setting the tone for energy-use awareness. The approach to solar trees is quite different than solar panels found on roofs. With roof panels, the goal is to tuck them away out of sight, but with solar trees, the goal is to have them in plain view. Solar trees are meant to be seen and to start a conversation about solar energy use and environmental resources. They’re not supposed to be easily missed. But don’t worry, they’re not an eyesore either. The design of solar trees is intentional–the installations mimic the shape and movement of trees, a nod to the nature solar energy is meant to preserve.

Those paving the way hope solar trees will help start a conversation about conservation. The trees aren’t just decorative–they’re efficient energy conservers. How do they work? The tree uses metal “branches” that extend from a center pole at different levels throughout the height of the device. Each individual branch has a photovoltaic panel (solar panel) that collects sunlight, which is then transformed into electricity. It’s the shape and size of the experimental solar tree that provide the most benefits, though. Solar trees are an ideal fit for those wanting to begin using solar energy but don’t want to or can’t cover an entire roof with panels.

It’s encouraging to see scientists around the world investing their time and talent in developing more efficient solar panels. The use of solar power electricity ends up saving more than 75 million barrels of oil every year. New devices like the solar tree are responsible for changing the way we think about energy. Rather than burn and waste valuable oil, if we can continue to find efficient energy alternatives, we can continue to change the world.

Whether you’re thinking about solar powering your home or installing a commercial solar system for your business, it’s a great way to save energy and help preserve environmental resources. If you’re interested in a home solar system installation in the Raleigh-Durham or Charleston region, or wish to learn more about this alternative energy, Yes Solar Solutions can help. We’re a certified Spotlight Solar installer, and we even use solar trees ourselves!

Check out our own Spotlight Solar installation and you can see photos of solar tree projects in our gallery. If you have questions or are ready to get involved in solar energy use, just contact Yes Solar Solutions today at (919) 459-4155!

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