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SPAN Smart Panels at Yes Solar

SPAN smart panels

With more and more homes becoming fully electrified in an effort for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint, we’ve seen increased interest in the SPAN smart panel.

The shift to full home electrification, including home EV chargers, has become a major contributing factor to the rise in electricity usage. This steady shift for more home electrification could cause utility circuits to face major cost upgrades unless products like SPAN’s Smart Electric Panel can be integrated into a home system to manage heavy utility loads.

These SPAN smart panels are capable of balancing large home electrical loads by automatically shedding heavy loads based off a list of priorities. This prioritization is what helps prevent the overloading of utility grids and could help prevent the cost associated with upgrades to utility grids. In most cases, these smart SPAN panels work by keeping homes’ electricity consumption low enough to avoid the need for grid updates.

With a SPAN smart panel, you can control and monitor every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet, understand how your home is sourcing, storing, and using energy in real-time, and modernize your home with electrification upgrades like solar, battery storage, and residential EV charging.

The Inflation Reduction Act increased the current solar and battery storage tax credit to 30% and provided additional incentives to offset the infrastructure costs associated with installing EV Charging equipment. When you add SPAN to these renewable energy projects, the SPAN purchase may also qualify for the 30% tax credit.

SPAN Panel Features

  • Internet-connected gateway for wireless communication
  • Monitoring and controls for every circuit
  • Seamless integration with leading battery storage solutions
  • Compatible with standard circuit breakers

Pairing SPAN Panels with Battery Storage

SPAN panels are currently compatible with the highly recommended, Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Powerwall+. The Tesla Powerwall is an excellent backup for solar panels, as they store the power you’ve accrued through sunnier times in case of a power outage. Tesla even has a storm warning system that can help you prepare for oncoming weather. As long as you get some sun, your solar panels can charge your batteries indefinitely, and support whatever loads are most critical, and with the SPAN panel, the loads you set a priority.

Yes Solar is an Early Adopter of SPAN’s Smart Panels

Yes Solar Solutions recognized the value in these unique smart SPAN panels’ capabilities in how they balance heavy electrical loads and the company became an early adopter of the SPAN smart panels. Yes Solar is also uniquely positioned to provide the SPAN panel solution as we have expertise in full home electrification including solar solutions, battery storage, and EV charging.

About Yes Solar

Yes Solar Solutions has been the leading local solar company for 14 years, founded and owned by Stew and Kathy Miller. With over 1,000 projects installed, and as the only NABCEP accredited solar company in North Carolina, Yes has earned a reputation for integrity, quality, and responsiveness. Take a look at some of our rave reviews here.

Yes Solar is also a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall home battery backup system, and is certified to install EV charging systems for Tesla, ChargePoint, and other solutions.

If you have questions, a Yes Solar Energy Specialist can walk you through exactly what you might need and provide you with an estimate. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at (919) 925-4707 today, and let’s start working together on getting you to a place of energy independence!

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