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The Mayton Inn Blue Ribbon Cutting

On an appropriately sunny day in Cary, N.C., The Mayton Inn cut the blue ribbon for their latest luxury boutique hotel, a private/ public partnership project.  Built by Colin and Deanna Crossman, who are also owners of the Four Diamond King’s Daughters Inn in Durham, N.C.  it is a reflection of their philosophy of sustainable lodging.  They are committed to environmentally responsible building and living, from the light bulbs, to the coffee,  the rainwater cistern, the pervious pavers, and to the hybrid solar hot water and photovoltaic system.

They also have a commitment to buying locally, which gave Yes Solar Solutions, another Cary N.C. company,  an opportunity to provide the solar solution of a hybrid solar PV and solar thermal system.  With 142 Suniva solar panels, and 33 SunDrum solar collectors, the Inn will generate over 52,000 kWh of electricity and heat water for the 1040 gallon hot water tank.


The Crossmans also recently found out they are starting a family, and in the true spirit of recycling, moved an historic home from across the street to live in it behind the Inn.  They are making the investment of a building project, but a more important one of committing to the sustainability of the Cary downtown, and to an important role in sustainable lives for their family, and that of others.

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