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Yes Solar Solutions, Your Local Solar Experts

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We Are Your Neighbor, Who Happens to Be A Solar Expert

 We are Yes Solar Solutions, we are located in Cary, North Carolina.  You can see our Solar Tree out in front of our office, in downtown Cary. Drop by and see our warehouse, take a look at our very own solar set up and office solar storage system.  Stop in and talk to our owner’s Kathy and Stew Miller.  They are in the office every day.  We are a close knit group, working every day to promote solar and help you reach your energy goals.

Earlier today, Chris, (Business Development) ventured down to Annelore’s German bakery and purchased a cake for the crew.  We know the coffee and baked goods at LaFarm down W. Chatham is top notch, we test that out often.  Bond Bros., yes, we have been there, many times, for post work celebrations and team meet ups.  At lunch we may visit Triangle Rock Club Morrisville or the Planet Fitness close by.  Our crew lives in and around Raleigh, Durham, Apex and Chapel Hill.  We are local and we serve our home state, employ North Carolinian’s and shop North Carolina businesses, and that means a lot to us.  In the world of solar, local probably means a lot to you too.

 Hire A Local NC Solar Installation Company

 Back in January we wrote a post about the Top 9 Questions to Ask a Solar Company.  In our post, we took a look at the recent influx of solar companies coming into the NC market and how they are marketing to NC residents and businesses.  We provided tips on how to navigate through the clutter.  Well, the Top 9 Questions are still very relevant.  Once the (link) 2018 Duke North Carolina Solar Rebate was announced we started fielding more calls from customers confused about some of the “installers” reaching out to them.  Some were upset about their experiences, as there are many out there, knocking on homeowner’s doors at odd hours of the day.  National installers have flown in from all over the country.  Out of state companies setting up shop enticed by the NC financially friendly solar rebate.  Some of these fly-by-night companies are only looking to prey on North Carolinians who are genuinely interested in investing in solar.  It is difficult to find out exactly where these companies are setting up their shop, we have looked.  Typically, there are no physical addresses and sub-contract the installation once the contract is signed.  We are happy that the state of NC is an environment currently conducive to solar, but it has attracted some bad actors, which is bad for the industry as a whole.

 4 reasons to talk to us:

  • We are local. Solar installed for North Carolinian’s by… North Carolinian  Choosing Yes Solar Solutions is contributing to the local economy, serving the globe by providing the world with clean, renewable solar energy, solar storage and EV charging options.
  • We are the best value and provide our knowledge to you so that you may make an educated decision about going solar.  We have noticed many national companies and even some smaller ones with short term profits in mind are much higher priced on quotes. These same companies then offer special “deals” or “incentives” to “discount” the quoted system and create a high pressure sale. That is not Yes Solar Solutions.
  • We know North Carolina policy and procedures, this expertise will eliminate costly mistakes when designing, permitting, installing and commissioning your system.  National Solar Companies do not know the market, and often do not know the fire or building codes.
  • We have a full-service maintenance department, which includes servicing other company’s installations.  Why is this important?  It illustrates that we are here for the long haul and will be here long after the national companies pick up and leave.

More Reasons to Go Solar with Yes Solar Solutions: *Please note, we put our guarantees in writing!

  • Only NABCEP Accredited Solar Company in NC.
  • 5 Year Solar Production Guarantee (written into the contract).
  • Guaranteed 2018 Duke Rebate & Federal Tax Credit (written into the contract).
  • Full-time Installation Crews.
  • Consumption (Usage) & Production Monitoring.
  • Extremely Responsive / Hands-on Leadership Team.

Bonus Reasons to Go Solar with Yes Solar Solutions:

 If you click the links below, you’ll see we are featured on both REC and SnapNRack’s websites as featured installers. This is extremely important to us, as these are international companies providing the highest quality equipment used by hundreds (if not thousands) of installers across the globe.

SnapNRack – Featured Installer: Yes Solar Solutions

REC Group – Featured Installer: Yes Solar Solutions

Local – North Carolina Solar Reviews:

We are very proud of our Guild Quality rating. This is a third-party review service, which is independent and avoids potentially incentivized reviews:

We understand, all of this is a lot to take in.  The main takeaway; is we are here to help, in most cases right down the road.  Give us a call at 919-459-4155.  We are committed to the customer, each other and the environment, and dedicated to helping you reach your energy goals.  Thank you for considering your local solar installer, Yes Solar Solutions.

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