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No Solar Service Team? Yes Can Help!

Service Check

There has been some disruption lately in the solar business due to national/regional companies going out of business. This has caused thousands of customers to be left without a solar service team. The most recent example is Pink Energy (formally known as Powerhome Solar), which closed its doors in August. Yes Solar Solutions, however, is a locally owned company that does things differently and has the reputation to show for it.

Additionally, some solar system owners are aging out of their warranties and discovering that their solar installer does not provide support beyond these warranties. Yes Solar Solutions covers a wide range of manufacturers including SMA and SolarEdge inverters, Enphase micro-inverters, Tesla Powerwall, and Generac energy storage.

New to solar? Read below for guidance on how to choose a reliable, bankable, solar partner and avoid this issue altogether. And if this has happened to you – Yes can help!

Maintenance & Services We Offer

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance to function. Occasionally, you may need a periodic light cleaning (no pressure washing) to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren’t obstructing the sun’s rays. You can use your monitoring app to help you keep track of the amount of energy your panels produce. If you notice a dip in production, it might be time to clean your panels.

Although your panels shouldn’t require much maintenance, life can happen, and your system may need to be serviced. Whether you purchased your solar panels from us or from one of our competitors, we’ll service them. Our experienced team members are dedicated to the following range of services:

  • Inspection and repair of your solar system
  • Preventive maintenance of your solar system
  • Removal and replacement for roof repair
  • Insurance claims
  • Manufacturer’s Warranties
  • EV charging systems

If your solar panels need service or maintenance, give us a call: (919) 459-2853.

Supply Chain & Materials

When it comes to replacing any solar system part, it is good to take into account the status of the supply chain. As most people know, the supply chain problems started with COVID, but have been exacerbated by the extension of the Section 201 Tariffs, Anti-Dumping Duties, and even the Uygur Forced Labor Act. 

These extensions caused limited supplies of most solar equipment, resulting in a temporary rise in prices. We anticipate the market to settle down in Q4/2022 and Q1/2023 as the tariffs have been suspended for years, which is resulting in increased manufacturing that will stabilize and hopefully provide even lower future pricing of solar system parts.

SolarEdge is amoung those experiencing delays in replacing inverters and optimizers that have failed. SolarEdge cannot always give the installers dependable timelines for replacements so we would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding during this time.

How Yes Has Navigated The Supply Chain

Despite these supply chain speedbumps, our dedicated service team has worked closely with suppliers to provide customers with timely updates regarding the status and timeline for delivery of parts. Our Service Manager, Wyatt Bailey, does an incredible job communicating with customers to resolve any warranty issues and address Return Manufacturing Authorizations.

If you are unsure of our commitment to provide quality service and maintenance, see for yourself how many times Wyatt is personally mentioned in our Google reviews for his top-notch preformance!

The Yes Solar Difference

Yes Solar Solutions has persisted for 13 years by doing things the right way, selling solar at a fair price with the promise that you are buying the value of a company beyond your installation. Yes takes care of its employees, has a lasting relationship with vendors and the industry, and can cover the cost of service when you need it.

A good way to assess a solar company is to check Better Business Bureau for complaints and Google for reviews. Whether you need help with the service or maintenance of your system or if you are considering going solar, you can’t go wrong saying Yes!

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