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Service & Maintenance

If your solar panels need service or maintenance, give us a call at (919) 459-2853. Whether you purchased your solar panels from us or from one of our competitors, we’ll service them. Our experienced team members are dedicated to a range of services:

  • EV charging systems
  • Preventive maintenance of your solar system
  • Inspection and repair of your solar system
  • Removal and replacement for roof repair
  • Insurance claims

Solar Monitoring Repair

Is your solar monitoring system broken and in need of troubleshooting or repair? We can diagnose, repair, and, if necessary, replace your monitoring system inside or outside of your warranty with your manufacturer.

Solar System Critter Guard Installation

Critters and their nests can cause systems to stop working and even start fires due to chewed wires or water accumulation near electrical connections. We highly recommend installing critter guards if your solar array is near trees or branches squirrels can leap from. If a critter has caused an issue with your system, we can repair and replace damaged equipment in addition to the critter guards.

Solar Warranty Replacement Assistance

Do you have a broken solar part that’s still under warranty? We will place the replacement order with your manufacturer and return to swap out your new part without any hassle to you.

Solar System Inspection

Unsure if your solar system is working or under-producing? Just bought a house that already has a solar system? Selling a house with solar? This is the service for you. A full solar system analysis—including production verification, safety compliance, and structural integrity—will be conducted and delivered to you in a report.

Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Need to remove your solar temporarily for roof repairs or renovation needs? We are the best in the business when it comes to this service as we have completed over 1,000 solar installations.

EV Charging Systems

First time EV owner? We specialize in residential EV charging installations, and we’ll help you determine the type of charger/outlet you will need. As licensed electricians, we take care of permitting, installing, and inspecting your EV charging stations, to be sure your installation meets local code requirements.