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6.93 kW Project in Chapel Hill

The system looks great walking up to the house, though the house sits so high up that if you are not looking you may miss the awesome black Solaria panels with 25-year warranties across the board (including workmanship).  We had a great time getting to know this Chapel Hill family and by the time we went to the customer care meeting the homeowners had great knowledge of everything he purchased including the warranties.  These homeowners mentioned they were approached by a national company via phone and then had them out to the house, but felt that the deal they were presenting was a bit misleading.  That’s when they did a local search on the internet and found and called Yes.  After speaking with Bryce, they felt very comfortable with our process and how we designed and sized systems.  They were extremely pleased with the whole process.  Now, they are watching their production every day with their SolarEdge monitoring. We also talked about future proofing and battery storage, and they also had us install an electric vehicle charger in anticipation of getting an EV.  This system consists of 21 panels and SolarEdge monitoring and is expected to produce 10,358 kWh’s in the first year of production.  

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