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SunPower Solar

If a homeowner wants the longest warranty, the greatest efficiency and a beautiful black solar panel from a U.S. solar company, they probably want SunPower.  For this Cary, N.C. customer it was the perfect fit.  This awesome 9.045 kW solar system in Cary, North Carolina consists of 24 SunPower solar panels, looks great and produces around 12,787 kWh/Year.  The first year solar production alone offset 10,357 lbs of coal burned, 17,134 car miles not driven and is equivalent to 203 trees planted..  With 25-year defect warranties and 25 year production warranties, the SunPower system is one of the most beautiful you can buy.  Next up for this homeowner: a Tesla Powerwall to store all that beautiful clean renewable energy.


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