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The Durham Ritz Carwash & Detail Center

The Durham Ritz Carwash & Detail Center has been a fixture since 1988.  We are happy to have had the opportunity to work with local business owners Bruce and Ira Mueller and Victor and Michele Wallace on this 25.67kW solar project! 

The Ritz is committed to giving its customers a clean car done in a safe and efficient manner.  They use quality products and strive to give customers a great experience at a reasonable price. Using a professional car wash saves water, protects the environment, and makes you feel good about protecting your investment…now with solar they can offset even more!

The Yes Solar Solutions Crew installed the 25.67kW solar system earlier this year and the results have been awesome.  The system is expected to produce 34,725 kWh’s in its first year online and consists of 87 REC TwinPeak 2 solar panels.  A unique ballasting system was used on their Thermoplastic Polyolefin roof that looks great and keeps the TPO protected. 


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