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Ground Mounted Solar in Lakeview, S.C.

The ground mounted solar system in the Jacobs back yard in Lake View, South Carolina resulted in a dramatically lower energy bill for the Jacobs household. Steve Jacobs is a recently retired banker who appreciates the value of a tax credit.  and making solar an even better investment was the rebate!  He researched solar in South Carolina, and talked to several other local companies before choosing Yes Solar Solutions, South Carolina, due to our responsiveness and expertise.

Rooftop Solar vs. Ground Mounted Solar

The roof on the Jacobs’ home has multiple elevations and no good south or west facing roof. With a large plot of land available, we recommended ground mounting the solar for optimum exposure.  The 10.08 kW system consists of 36 280 watt REC solar panels.  The SolarEdge inverter includes 30 optimizers on the back of each module.

Solar is a Smart Investment

In South Carolina, there is a 25% tax credit for installing solar.  With the 30% federal tax credit, the Jacobs saved 55% of the cost of solar in taxes.  And they also qualified for $10,000 in rebates from the utility.  But the best part of the solar investment is in the yearly savings on electricity for the family.

Customer Comments

“I needed to view my next power bill in order to better understand how it would be impacted by solar power generation. You cautioned me to not panic if the first two bills did not meet expectations. The first bill had very little impact from solar generation and I was prepared for that. A big part of loving solar for me is power generation offset and not the expensive system in my yard, so I wanted to wait to feel the love before responding. The February power bill I just received shows only a basic facilities charge of $9.06, so now I’m feeling the solar joy! It’s also tax time and quickly recovering some more principle in the form tax credits, plus getting a $10.k check from Duke will be delightful. Please count my family as a new solar fan!”

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