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Solar in Historic Raleigh

7.15 kW
REC 275 (26)
SolarEdge 7600 (1)
P300 (26)

Solar in a historic neighborhood has its challenges.  On a modernist home in a historic neighborhood, solar has even more challenges. Louis Cherry Architecture designed the home for the company’s principal, Lou Cherry.  The firm is renowned for many high profile projects.  Among them are those for restaurateur Ashley Christensen, the Cameron Village Library,  and the Chatham County Library. The home design originally included solar panels, along with passive solar and renewable materials.  The interior has open light filled spaces and an economy of space.

A dispute from neighbors in the Oakwood historic district who objected to its clean lines and Craftsmen features delayed construction, and cost time and money.  The story finally has a happy ending, as the objection was overruled. And Yes Solar Solutions had the good fortune to be chosen as the solar installation company.  We installed a system of 7.15 kilowatts on the roof with 26 REC 275 watt solar panels, a SolarEdge inverter with optimizers and monitoring.  The system is invisible to the neighbors.

And although this modern home’s rooftop solar can’t be seen from the street of the historic neighborhood, it works full time to make the most of the design’s efficiency.  Gotta love solar.

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