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Planning for a Solar Neighborhood

How can homeowners go about planning for a solar neighborhood?  Just ask Jen Sligar.  Jen wanted solar since she was a little girl.  When she and Ben bought their first house, they contacted Yes Solar.  Unfortunately, their homeowners association would not allow it.  As they planned their next home, they made sure it would be in a solar neighborhood.  The new house had a good southern exposure and no shade in the back.  Jen ran for the homeowners association and then she ran for the board.  Then she made sure there were solar friendly by-laws.  When they contacted Yes again, they were ready, and so were their neighbors.

The result was that Yes installed a 6.24 kW system on the Sligar home.  A SolarEdge inverter and optimizers support 24 REC 260 watt modules.  The Sligars have turned out to be true solar ambassadors.  They hosted a Solar Party and invited their neighbors to a Yes presentation outlining how solar is installed.  They took everyone out to their garage to see how the inverter worked, and put their monitoring system on their TV to explain consumption monitoring.  Yes installed eight more systems in the Sligar’s solar neighborhood, with no issues from the HOA, since the board chair lived right down the street!

Jen, Ben and Evie Sligar said, “We love our neighbors and love having YES Solar Solutions a big part of neighborhood.”

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