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NC State Solar Tree

On an appropriately sunny day, November 13, 2015, students from the Park Scholars program dedicated their legacy gift to the campus of North Carolina State University, a Spotlight Solar Curve. The hybrid solar/ sculpture/ tree installed in front of the Hunt Library by Yes Solar Solutions, is the first of several planned for the space.  A pedestal on the base allows for charging cell phones and laptops, is a gathering space for students and faculty, and is a symbol of NC State’s commitment to sustainability and the goals of the Park Scholars’ legacy.

Yes Solar Solutions’ crane lifted the Lumos solar modules onto a Wolfpack red steel base weeks before to applause and celebration in front of a crowd of students, faculty and media.   The dedication  included remarks by Nate Pedder, Park Scholar, Craig Merrigan, Co-Founder of Spotlight Solar, the manufacturer of the structures, and Stew Miller, Co-Founder and President of Yes Solar Solutions.

Stew Miller praised the students legacy and dedication and remarked that, ”maybe, some day someone will look up at the Curve and decide to take current technologies to the poor citizens of third world countries so that everyone has light at night to read by and learn, to condition air for comfort and improved health, and for access to the internet and communications that we take for granted in countries like ours.

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