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The Generac Battery Back-Up System Explained

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More homeowners are embracing the idea of adding solar power to their homes. It offers numerous benefits, such as energy independence and lower monthly utility bills. Adding a battery backup system multiplies those benefits.

At Yes Solar Solutions, we know how confusing finding the right battery backup system can be. So we’ve put together this guide to the Generac battery to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your home solar solution. 

Understanding How the Generac Battery Back-Up System Works

Like other solar battery systems, the Generac PWRcell stores power that is produced by solar panels. Like other systems, it uses lithium-ion phosphate technology. However, its revolutionary design is what sets it apart from the competition.

The PWRcell is designed to be modular and scalable. You can fit multiple battery modules — up to six! — in a single cabinet. Additionally, two cabinets can be stacked together for a maximum capacity of 36kw power storage, making it even more customizable.

Power goes from your solar panels to the batteries. Once they are charged, power is sent to an inverter and converted to a reliable, clean power source for your home. If net metering is available in your area, you can sell the excess power to the power grid. 

Choosing the Right Size Battery Unit for Your Energy Needs

Your average household power use will play a prominent role in deciding what size Generac battery system you need. This information is often available on your monthly utility bill. You’ll also want to consider the purpose of your battery system. For example, is it for limited use during emergency power outages, or do you want it to run electronics and appliances during periods where your panels aren’t producing electricity? The answer will influence how much storage capacity you need for your system. 

Keep in mind that Generac solar battery cost will increase as you move to larger models. However, we suggest investing in the largest system you can afford. You should carefully evaluate your plans for and expectations of any backup system before making a firm decision. 

Finding a Suitable Installation Location in Your Home

Our technicians can install your new Generac battery inside or outside of the home. However, local laws and building codes may restrict the installation location by limiting it to an unfinished area of the home or site with easy access. As a result, garages, mechanical rooms, and house exteriors are among the most common places we place battery backup systems.

Estimating Your Savings Over Time

Our solar advisors can help you estimate how much you will save on power bills over time. First, we will explain the cost of your new system. Then, based on your average power use, utility bill amount, and any available rebates and tax incentives, we will help you see how the Generac PWRcell fits into your budget and lifestyle.

Take the Next Steps Toward a More Sustainable Future

Yes Solar Solutions has been offering top-rated sales, installation, and service of solar power systems for more than a decade. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff can answer your questions, provide recommendations, and help you get set up with the ideal home solar power system. 

Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation and free quote for your solar project.  Call (919) 925-4707 today!  

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