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First Double Tesla Powerwall Installation in North Carolina

The First Tesla Powerwall Installation in North Carolina

Tesla Powerwall Installation North CarolinaIn August 2017, Yes Solar Solutions was the first solar installation company in North Carolina to install the Tesla Powerwall.  We continue to lead the way, setting solar industry standards and installing the most advanced and trusted technology as it comes available.  Yes Solar Solutions quickly became the experts in Tesla Powerwall.  Having been the first Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer in North Carolina, we were able to hit the ground running and achieve several battery solutions installations and fully support the solar storage movement.

Stacking and Installing Multiple Tesla Powerwalls

The lithium-ion battery technology in the Tesla Powerwall takes battery storage to the next level.  A compact battery solution coming in at  44″ long x 29″wide x 5.5″deep, and weighing in at about 276 lbs., the Tesla Powerwall takes up less space than traditional deep cycle batteries.  It can be mounted on the wall or on the floor.  We are getting requests for more energy storage as customers realize the potential that the new technology offers.  Now is a great time to start talking about installing multiple units.  Tesla Powerwall can be stacked with up to 10 connected Powerwalls.  The Yes Solar Solutions team has the experience, having been, once again, the first solar company in North Carolina to install two connected Tesla Powerwalls to provide extra battery backup and storage.  In each case, the customers have tied their stacked Tesla Powerwall solution to solar systems.  When you install battery storage with solar photovoltaics, you can include the battery storage to use the federal tax credit.

A Solutions-Oriented Company

Tesla Powerwall Installation_NCWhen it comes to implementing new technology, you can rely on Yes Solar Solutions to have the experience to provide the most comprehensive plan to fit the needs of your home or business.  With the addition of new battery storage technology make sure you are talking to certified and experienced installers.  Yes Solar Solutions has experience with over 800 solar installations and is NABCEP accredited.  We work every day to maintain our strong commitment to our customers, each other and the environment. 

Give us a call at 919-459-4155 about adding solar storage to your existing solar PV system, or to talk to us about adding a solar system combined with battery storage.  We are here to help you achieve your energy goals and to realize the power of independence.  


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