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Argosy Farm

A Small Family Farm Doing Big Things!

Argosy Farm in Hillsborough, North Carolina produces naturally-grown fruits, herbs, flowers and heirloom vegetables. The farm also raises heritage breed ducks, chickens and turkeys for eggs. In 2015 Yes Solar Solutions installed a 5.1Kw net-metered solar panel system.  In turn, the system now generates about 35% of the farms power! Argosy Farm, was part of the Solarize Orange program, one of many grassroots programs Yes Solar Solutions is proud to be a part of.  Argosy farm is now a clean, renewable energy producer. The business investment aligns with the mission of the farm:, which is, “The art of raising food that is healthy, respects the environment, is humane for animals, provides a fair wage for the farmer, leaves resources for future generations, and supports the local community.”

Rooftop (Barn) Solar Installation

Even the goats (pictured above) that provide milk and cheese are enjoying the panels. The solar panel system blends with the natural environment alongside pastured pigs living happy lives and buzzing bees pollinating the crops.

With a barn rooftop installation, the farm’s system consists of twenty 255-watt panels. The panels take energy from the sun in the form of DC power which gets converted by an SMA converter into AC power. The energy goes to the house and farm. The farmers, animals and environment all benefit from the clean renewable energy.

Owner Feedback

We recently caught up with the owner of Argosy farm and this is what she had to say:  “Argosy Farm hearts solar! We’re thrilled with our 20 REC PE 255-watt solar modules installed by YES Solar Solutions. With the system, the farm produces energy from the sun, which lowers our electric bills, and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. That makes our goats very happy!”

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