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The Truth About Solar Energy And Weather Conditions

Solar power is a useful and practical technology. Unfortunately, solar energy can sometimes be plagued by misinformation, leading to less confidence from “You” the consumer and the commercial marketplace.

A common misconception is that solar panels are not practical during the colder months and snowy seasons, which this article aims to dispel.

So, if you’ve been contemplating using solar energy but have been wondering if any of the myths out there are true – no worries. Our team is here to help provide the truth, and just how much you can benefit from solar options – especially during unfavorable weather conditions.

Solar Energy is Still Effective During the Winter Months

The design of solar panels and some cooperation with specific energy programs result in solar systems’ year-round effectiveness. While many people worry about snow buildup on panels and not getting enough sunlight to produce adequate energy for their residence or facility, most solar panels are installed at an angle, limiting snow collection. And in the South, snow will melt quickly most of the time.

However, even if there is not enough energy collection during the winter months to offset 100% of your energy costs, if your utility offers net-metering that will ensure annual energy savings. Net-metering is when the energy company awards credit for any electricity you send back to the grid, which can happen consistently during the warmer months of the year. Therefore, even if your panels are not producing the same energy levels as in the summer, which is possible, you will still have energy credits from the summer. And energy storage, like a Tesla Powerwall, can store energy you produce during the day and let you use it at night, reducing how much electricity you need to take from the grid.

Solar Energy Played a Vital Role in Keeping Texans Warm this Winter

While some renewable energy sources produced significant shortfalls during the generational winter storm in Texas, solar energy was not one. In fact, solar power made greater quantities of energy than most organizations predicted it would or could. The installed solar capacity in Texas is between 2% and 3.8% of its energy source, and actually produced more than that with the grid down. Therefore, while traditional and renewable grids were challenged, solar panels and fields continued to perform beyond expectations, again securing it as a leading renewable energy resource.

No Need To Clean Panels Off

While it is tempting, there is no need to clean your solar panels off after a snowfall. If anything, the snow provides a free and gentle cleaning. Attempting to clean your panels could result in injury or damage to the panel, which can be costly to repair. While it is tempting to get the most out of your panels, it is worth noting that the energy-savings from long summer days will more than make up the difference during those few snowfalls in the winter.

Work With North Carolina’s Best

Solar power is a useful renewable energy source. It is unfortunate that more people and businesses do not realize the significant benefits and money they are leaving on the table by avoiding the conversion to solar. If you would like to learn more about solar panels and their many benefits, contact our team of solar experts online, or call us directly at (919) 459-4155 today!

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