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Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

As one of North Carolina’s leading Tesla Powerwall certified installers, Yes Solar Solutions helps homeowners and businesses maximize the efficiency and energy output of their solar panels, day and night. By becoming early adopters of this technology, we’re proud to have been the first Tesla Powerwall certified installer in North Carolina and to have completed the first Powerwall installation in the state. This remarkable technology helps us fulfill our mission to make solar energy more widely accessible, and spread the power of independence far and wide.

How the Tesla Powerwall Works


  1. When solar panels generate DC (direct current) power, that power travels to an inverter, where it is turned into AC (alternating current) power, which flows into your main panel and powers your home.
  2. Your home uses what it needs, and the rest flows to the Tesla Powerwall—where it’s changed back to DC power and stored by the lithium-ion battery pack.
  3. A liquid thermal control system regulates the temperature inside the battery. The integrated inverter and software then swap the stored DC to AC and dispatch power when it’s needed.
  4. Any excess power present after the battery is charged then goes out to the grid, where, if you’re on a net metering program, you receive your credits.
battery storage image

The Tesla Monitoring App

The Tesla App allows you to monitor and manage the clean energy your system produces with 24/7 remote access. You can set your battery backup reserve before a storm and utilize other features within the app.

What is the Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is essentially a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for your home. It stores the energy collected by your solar cells and in the event of an outage, can continuously power your home for up to a week.

Tesla Power Wall Panel

How Much Does the Tesla Powerwall Cost?

The cost of a Tesla Powerwall varies depending on several factors such as your existing electrical/solar setup, preferred back-up configuration, and any additional associated hardware.

There are ways however to make the Tesla Powerwall more affordable. The Powerwall  is eligible for the 30% federal tax credit. It also qualifies for financing options. Compared to a whole house generator, the Powerwall is similar in cost, but more efficient, quieter, and discreet. At Yes Solar, we think of the Powerwall as Energy Insurance rather than a product.

Other benefits of the Tesla Powerwall

  • Stores solar power generated during the day to be used at night or any time your panels aren’t generating power
  • Can be programmed to charge (from the grid) during lower rate periods. It will then distribute the stored power during more expensive rate periods.
  • The Powerwall is a great backup power solution, making it the ideal replacement for a generator.
  • Can be used to charge your electric vehicle.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by using renewable energy.
  • Can be used off-grid or with grid-tied systems
  • Tesla Powerwalls can be stacked. You’ll have the ability to connect up to 10 Powerwalls together.

Tesla Powerwall Specs

Tesla Powerwall specs

Get the Tesla Powerwall with Yes Solar Solutions

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