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HOA Approved

While considering solar the homeowner in a Cary, NC subdivision first approached his homeowners’ association to discuss a solar array on his roof. HOA’s are more and more amenable to the benefits of solar to homeowners and to communities, but they need information to understand the issues. The client shared credit for the successful approval, when the Yes Energy Specialist provided him with information about the solar access laws, sketch ups of the proposed array, photos of similar installed systems, and most important to this HOA, projected energy savings. The part of the array on the back of the house was not an issue, but being able to put some of the solar panels on a front side roof improved production significantly. When the members of the HOA saw the data, they readily approved his application. So successful was he, Yes has installed two more homes in the neighborhood. When asked why he chose Yes, the customer cited the help we provided with the HOA application, our technical expertise, our competitive price, and our full range of service, which includes all permitting and interconnection.  What a partnership!

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