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This homeowner in Raleigh is interested in being as independent as possible from the utility, and in preserving the environment.  The answer for him was a 13.44 kW solar array and two Tesla Powerwalls.  His solar journey started by registering on one of the websites that let a consumer get blind quotes from several installers. 

He did get quotes from several installers, none of which was Yes Solar, who declined to bid. While those sites are a good resource for consumers, especially in the beginning stages of learning about solar, they can have their downside.  One is that solar companies from outside the market can shoot a quote at a customer and maybe not even have installers that work for them.  Another is that the installer has no opportunity to show value other than price.  And finally, these sites charge installers a percentage of the contract amount, either inflating the price to the customer or tempting the solar company to propose lower grade components or cut other corners.  

In the end, the homeowner decided to do his own research.  He had decided he wanted a Tesla Powerwall, and when he searched on the internet for certified installers, Yes Solar was the only one that came up.  Yes proposed a system with 48 REC Twin Peak black 280-watt solar panels, two SolarEdge inverters with optimizers and two Powerwalls.  He can expect 13,336 kWh of electricity to be generated the first year, and can use the Powerwalls to store his excess.  He is a happy customer.

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