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King Residence

Yes! we met Mr. King at the State Fair where we were volunteering for NC GreenPower (and he won a pencil!) The Kings had been remodeling and considering solar for a while. They got two “different but vague” estimates from other installers. When our Energy Specialist made a site visit, they were surprised how complete his calculations were and the subsequent communication and responsiveness convinced them to do business with Yes! The 6.0 kW system installation, says Mr. King, “ranks superior– the way you would wish all to be.”

Mr. King continues, “Perhaps our greatest surprise was how compatible your team was with us– their knowledge and professionalism thoroughly impressed Dot and me. I never praise a product or service until time has passed. This event is different however, and so we feel we should tell you, Stew and Kathy, as owners, (and to other future customers) of how pleased we are to have purchased our solar system from you.”

“Thanks to you, this ‘dream’ is operational.”

How lucky is the Yes! team to have clients like the Kings?

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