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Miles Residence

Andrew Miles, a homeowner in Durham, N.C. had done his homework. Not only does he have a grasp on construction, engineering, safety and process management, and a career in Environmental Health and Safety, he had already installed a solar thermal system on a previous home. So when he contacted three solar companies, he knew he wanted a net metered system on the roof of his workshop, which had an existing meter separate from the house, and he wanted the wiring trenched from the workshop to the house. It required replacing the separate meter, removing the brick pavers and replacing them after installation (and a long trench in a stretch of rainy weather!) Not an easy job, and one that other installers discouraged Andrew from doing the way he wanted. After the Yes! installation crew made a free site visit, and assured Andrew they could fulfill his needs, he signed a contract for a 5.88 kilowatt PV system. Yes! designed an array with 24 Enphase micro-inverters and 20 black REC solar panels of 245 watts each. Despite it not being an easy job, Andrew Miles said the communication all along the way kept his trust, and never felt like the team was “blowing smoke” at him. He recommends Yes! completely.

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