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Solar Credits at Tax Time

A couple that had Yes Solar Solutions install a solar system as part of the Solarize Carrboro program went to their tax preparer to get their  2014 taxes done.  The couple sat in front of the accountant  while she walked them through their tax return.  The accountant said… well, I will let the customer tell you in her own words:

“My accountant did my taxes yesterday. As she worked her way through my return in her software, I saw the taxes keep dropping as she put in my solar tax credit. Then she entered my withholding and I’m getting ALL of it ($4500) back! She said, “Well-played!” On the state taxes, I was getting ready to be hit upside the head by the new “flat tax” until she put in my state credit and — wham! — $600 refund!

I installed solar primarily to help fight climate change and I’m grateful that, for once, that impulse is being rewarded. I wish all people could install solar this cheaply – not just people like me who can afford the upfront payment and who pay enough tax to use the credits. “

Not to mention the monthly savings the customer is realizing by generating her own power, nor the impact on the environment she is making.  Kudos to our customer, or should I say “well played!”

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