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Cornerstone Dentistry

Dr. Stuart Higgins’ hesitancies were his concern with the flat rubber membrane roof on the dental practice building, and what results roof penetrations might create, especially since the roof space most appropriate for the solar array was over his partner’s space in the building. The answer was a Yes! Solar Solutions custom-designed, ballasted system with no penetrations of the roof and no issues with its warranty. The racking is laid down on rubber pads, with cement blocks weighting the racks, solar panels mounted on the racks. The panels were then tilted to maximize solar production on the flat roof. Two inverters were installed to convert the direct current the 10 kilowatt system produces into alternating current. That energy is sent back onto the grid creating an income stream which helps offset about 70% of the dental practice’s electricity bills. Dr. Higgins elected to take his 30% federal tax credit as a grant, which meant he got a check back from the government about 60 days after the installation. Cornerstone Dentistry is in Cary NC, setting the example for other professional buildings there with solar energy.

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