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The Unspoken Sustainable Energy Speech

[Cary, North Carolina]: An exquisite piece of wood and a beautiful, curved piece of glass will never have the opportunity to share the energy they felt transferred in their own acceptance speech.

Award ceremonies are attended by like-minded individuals, listening to like-minded experts, who are discussing the latest topic in the industry. The awards sit on an illuminated table. Annually, the Sustainable Energy awards are placed on the stage. The camera somehow finds the table with each photo taken.  

One particular award yearned for the microphone at the 2023 NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) ceremony. Every year, the title, ‘Sustainable Energy Business of the Year Award’, is etched on its gold face. 

The spoken speech

If the Sustainable Energy award had the opportunity to speak, it would have spoken differently from that of Stew and Kathy Miller, owners of Yes Solar Solutions in Cary, North Carolina. Their speech thanked the solar industry for the hard work happening to push the sustainable energy movement forward.  

“Their speech was lovely,” the award shared, “they said the right things, paused at the right time, and recognized their growing team”.  

Sustainable Energy award at NCSEA

The unspoken sustainable energy speech

“They were not accepting the sustainable energy award as part of the Solarize program. That was at the 2023 Cleantech Innovation Awards ceremony at the SAS Institute. Yes Solar Solutions is one part of the Solarize partnership receiving the ‘Cleantech Impact: Local Government’ winner. The press release from RTCC linked here.

“Yes Solar did not mention how they have seen over 2,000 residents and businesses sign up for solar evaluations. As the preferred partner in the Solarize the Triangle program in 2022 and 2023, the program produced over two and a half megawatts of solar energy to the grid. The press release from NCSEA linked here

Sustainable Energy award at RTCC

“They did not say how they will celebrate 15 years as a local company. They are constantly adding new jobs to the town of Cary as the solar industry gains momentum. New solar companies are starting each year, and do not have the same NABCEP accreditation Yes Solar Solutions has held for over a decade. They are one of six companies in the country with this accreditation.  

“Stew did not say how badly they want to see the carbon footprint change for future generations. He has spent countless hours in front of legislation as the voice of change. Kathy did not go into detail about their service team providing outstanding care especially when other solar installers fall short. 

“I felt a surge of energy no one could see as they graciously accepted the title of ‘Sustainable Energy Business of the Year.’

It may sound cliché. They care for their customers, their employees, and the environment. The effect is more evident from where I’m standing which is on the front desk. Thank you.” 

For more information about Yes Solar Solutions, visit 

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