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We don’t think it could have been managed better!!

Yes Solar Solutions developed press releases and other documents for the media that helped to increase the public’s awareness of our efforts to contribute to a “green” environment. They also designed and sponsored a ribbon cutting for the project with our local Chamber of Commerce and Town of Cary government officials. After the 238 kW project was on line they also assisted in Dorcas Ministries being nominated for the 2011 Clean and Green Award for the Triangle Business Journal We are a finalist in this competition! Yes Solar Solutions took a lead role from start to finish of the project. We don’t think it could have been managed better!!

Says Howard, “Thanks for supporting the nomination of Dorcas Ministries for this year’s TBJ Clean and Green Award competition. We won the award for the Solar Energy Effort of the Year. That means that Yes Solar Solutions and Argand Energy were winners too. We realize that without the both of you none of this would have been possible. We are grateful to have partners and friends like you.”

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