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EVs Are Everywhere! How Will We Charge Them All?

EV Charging Station

The increase of electric vehicles on the roadways is becoming noticeable. It’s exciting to see the migration of transportation to cleaner forms of energy. Still, has anyone thought about how drivers will maintain enough charge in these millions of new batteries to keep the world moving freely? Have they thought about what the impact of using more electricity to charge them and how to mitigate that increase? 

How EV Charging Strategy Evolved

When EVs started to catch on, experts were busy figuring out how to pull enough power to meet performance expectations while providing drivers with suitable ranges and reasonable battery charging times.

Less thought went into what would happen when society entirely switched to all-electric cars. The logistic challenges of charging millions of batteries daily remained a problem to address later. It was reasonable to think gas station owners could pull out their pumps and replace them with electric charging stations – voilà, problem solved! Not so fast.

Issues like long charging times and charging station placement to allow for electric vehicle driving ranges make finding a simple solution somewhat problematic.

EVs and Shared Infrastructure

In the interim, the idea emerged that to make a successful switch from petroleum to electricity, governments would need to view EV charging stations as a shared resource, similar to electric utility and internet infrastructure.

To nurture this concept in the US, the White House recently announced that it would form a new $7.5 billion partnership between the Department of Transportation and the Department of Energy. The two agencies will work together to build a network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers.

The plan involves facilitating the distribution of federal money to allow entities to access funds for installing and maintaining public charging stations across the nation.

Yes Solar Solutions on the Forefront of EV Charging Technology

With Tesla, Ford and GM ramping up production to churn out millions of new EVs, the availability of charging will start becoming a significant issue for drivers in the immediate future. Yes Solar Solutions is doing its part to keep Carolinians moving about freely.

We are a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall home battery backup system and certified to install EV charging systems for Tesla, ChargePoint and other solutions. Our licensed electricians can give you a no obligation estimate. This fantastic home battery charges itself automatically using the grid when rates are low and using electricity generated from solar panels when the sun is shining. Charging your vehicle at home is the most efficient way to charge, since most utilities have low overnight pricing per kilowatt hour. Using a battery back-up system can enable a driver to charge with the stored energy from the battery. 

More innovative ideas centered around EV charging are coming. Rest easy knowing that Yes Solar Solutions will be there to fill your solar EV charging, solar electric panel and solar system installation and maintenance needs. 

Contact Yes Solar Solutions at (919) 925-4707 today, and let’s start working together on getting you to a place of energy independence!

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