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Forecast For Solar, Solar Storage and A More Reliable Grid

Panel Power Production Perseveres 

Yesterday, we posted pictures on our social networks from our own Systems Design Specialist, Drew Chandler.  Drew came in to the office after a massive snowfall here in North Carolina.  Though the pictures are (go check them out!) cool enough, there is more to the story than a fancy Instagram post.  Through everything we do, we set standards, we are committed to our customers, each other and the environment.  Drew came in to brush off the solar panels that make up part of our sustainability program at the office.  In doing so, our system was able to put energy back on the grid for our neighbors to use, and to ease the strain on an already under modernized power generation and distribution system.  Power outages were widespread across North Carolina on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  According to Duke Energy, about 3,000 homes and businesses remained without power late Thursday afternoon.  Plow crews, homeowners and businesses continue to dig out and get back to normal after an intense snowstorm leaving people measuring the snowfall in feet rather than inches.  

Natural Events, Solar and Battery Storage

When natural events occur, leaving the fragile grid in danger of dropping power to people, those that have installed solar can not only continue to save by powering their home or business, but also put energy back on the grid.  For those with solar and battery storage, there is confidence in knowing that you will retain power regardless of what a storm throws at you.  

Panel Efficiency In Cold Weather

In North Carolina, we rarely have to consider if snow will stick to solar panels and decrease production.  Panels are very efficient in cool weather, as long as the sun is breaking through the clouds.  This week’s storm yielded some sticky snow, but with a little brush off we were back in business, producing power for ourselves, charging our office battery back up system and sending out any excess to the grid.  Once the system was cleared of snow, the production jumped from .3kW to 1.4kW.  As the solar trees in the front of our building came back online the production only increased.

Solar Is Accessible

Forecasting snow and inclement weather is natural, preparing for such events makes sense with solar and battery storage.  In fact, our services fit into a lifestyle that is very attainable.  Solar powering your home or business, solar charging your battery storage system (like Tesla Powerwall)  and all your local energy charging your electric vehicle. This sort of safety, independence and power security is accessible, now even more so with the upcoming announcement of the Duke Energy Utility Solar Rebate commercial and residential programs.  Give us a call, we would love to talk about your energy goals!  Call 919-459-4155, you may even get Drew on the phone, he can tell you how long it took him to clean off the panels!

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