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Outback Power, Off-Grid Battery Backup

Outback Energy Visit to Yes Solar Solutions

The Energy Express

Last week, we had the opportunity to meet with the folks at Outback Power on their cross country tour “The Energy Express”.

OutBack Power Technologies, Inc. is a global designer and manufacturer of cutting edge power conversion solutions that provide reliable electric power for the renewable energy, backup power, marine and mobile markets.

Off Grid Battery BackupWe know the company well and use an off-grid inverter at our headquarters in Cary, NC. As you may know the Yes Solar Solutions office is equipped with a solar array on our roof and along with a solar tree, we power our office using renewable energy.  If the grid were to go down, which it has, our critical office needs will be met with a battery backup system.

Yes Solar Solutions Battery Backup System

The Yes Solar Solutions’ storage system is an AC-coupled grid-tied battery backup system. The storage components are VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries. VRLA AGM batteries are perfect for AC-coupled systems because they have an extended float service life, meaning they can stay in the float stage of charging for an extended period of time without affecting its overall lifespan. There is little to no maintenance required as an added bonus.  The system also decreases the safety hazards involved in traditional lead acid filled batteries.

We have a combined 642Ah of battery capacity to power our critical loads panel.  The Critical load panel powers important circuits including the computer server, specific outlets and strategic lighting.  We have had our power go out a few times and every time, the transfer of power is so instantaneous that we hardly even realize there was an outage.  During an outage our solar inverter continues to operate with up to 7kW of solar power feeding the batteries.  This is unlike a standard grid-tied system because the outback radian battery inverter tricks the solar inverter into believing the grid is still present.  This would be very useful during a prolonged outage where some irradiance is still available.

We Know Off-Grid, Battery Backup

The Outback Power group stopped by last week to discuss their new technology in battery backup including an updated charge controller on their inverter.  Yes Solar Solutions is a certified Outback Power Installer.  We can also service existing Outback Systems.  If you have questions about off-grid battery backup or providing critical load backup in case the grid goes down, give us a call at 919-459-4155.

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